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Our Commitments

In 2017, Texas legislators responded to educational research on the impact of high-quality instructional materials positively impacting student learning by directing TEA to create a web portal to assist school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in selecting instructional materials. The Texas Resource Review is a direct result of this legislation.

The Texas Resource Review provides independent, objective, Texas focused reviews to assess the quality of instructional materials so educators can make informed decisions for their students.

We believe that the strategic use of high-quality instructional materials is critical to improving student outcomes in Texas. Our goal is for every school district in Texas to obtain and effectively implement the highest quality instructional materials for their students.

We are unique in our approach to quality reviews.

Texas-Focused & TEKS-Aligned: The instructional materials reviews on the TRR are completed by and for Texas educators. Using objective rubrics that start with the TEKS alignment, the evaluations are conducted by specially trained Texas educators from across the state.

Independent & Objective: A reputable, objective third-party vendor trains the reviewers, facilitates the teams, compiles evaluations, and shares them to the TRR website.

Comprehensive: The reviews that appear on TRR are unique in their thoroughness and insight. By combining detailed TEKS-alignment with additional evidence-based evaluation rubrics, TRR offers the data that educators need to make the best selections for their students.

Transparent: We want all educators to understand that the TRR is designed with their and their students’ best interests in mind. So, everything we do, including the evaluations and the process that produces them, will be readily available online.

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