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The Texas Resource Review came about to improve school districts’ access to high quality instructional materials. A growing body of research demonstrates that the quality of instructional materials teachers use has a significant impact on student achievement. Local schools across Texas are eager to purchase the best materials for their teachers and students, but free information about the quality of materials can be disorganized, unreliable, and difficult to access. Reviewing instructional materials is also a time-consuming process for the teachers who serve on local review committees.

The Legislature Responds

In response to the growing need for better information about he quality of instructional materials, the Texas Legislature enacted, and the Governor signed into law, SB 810 and companion legislation HB 3526. These bills require TEA to develop and maintain a web portal that includes:

  • General information such as price and technology requirements for each material on the State Board of Education adoption list or submitted by a publisher
  • A quality evaluation of materials and the extent to which materials cover the TEKS
  • A repository of open education resources accessible at no cost, including state-developed materials.

TEA is also required to contract with a private entity to conduct an independent analysis of materials in the web portal. Through a competitive process, Safal Partners, Inc. was selected as the third-party evaluator to conduct the instructional material reviews. Through a separate competitive process, Mighty Citizen was selected to build the Texas Resource Review website.

Texas Education Code: Section 31.081-084

The Commissioner's Rule

The statute requires that the Texas Commissioner of Education enact rules that specify how the TEA will implement the statutory provisions. A set of four rules were enacted in 2019. They define terms, specify which materials will be included in the Texas Resource Review, and establish procedures for publishers to submit materials for review.

The State Board Recommends

The State Board of Education appointed a committee to study the impact of the Texas Resource Review on the review and adoption of instructional materials. The committee recommendation were approved by the full board at its September 2019 meeting.

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