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Quality Review Process

Led by Texas Educators to Empower Texas Educators

The Texas Resource Review (TRR) process was created by and for Texas educators to provide quality reviews that are independent, objective, comprehensive, and Texas focused. 

quality review process

A typical review cycle is completed over a period of about four months.

Develop Rubric

Each quality review cycle begins with the development of a Texas-specific rubric that defines what quality means specific to each subject area. Final rubrics remain constant for several months prior to beginning the review cycle and throughout the review process.

Select Review Teams

Quality reviews are completed by Texas educators from all around the state. Every member of our review teams is rigorously vetted and trained to ensure that evaluations are detailed and comprehensive. 

Evaluate Standards Alignment

All materials are evaluated with the State Board of Education (SBOE) process to determine their alignment with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, and English Language Proficiency Standards.

Review Quality

Materials are reviewed for content, instructional concepts, and educator supports. TRR reviewers spend more than 150 hours evaluating materials, collecting evidence, and meeting weekly to reach consensus.

Publishers Respond

Once a review is complete, TRR welcomes publisher feedback and publishers are granted early access with ample time to respond to a review before it appears on the website.

Validate Reviews

TEA partners with education service centers (ESCs) to verify that quality reviews contain sufficient evidence to support indicator evaluations.

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