Rubric Development

TRR rubrics are developed based on Texas standards, the latest curriculum research, and instructional best practices with contributions from stakeholders across Texas, including:

  • Teachers and instructional leaders
  • District leaders
  • Education organizations
  • Education service center staff
  • Professors/researchers
  • Publishers
  • State Board of Education members

Once a rubric is approved, TRR review teams use it to evaluate materials submitted for quality review. Each rubric is customized for a content area and grade band with some commonalities across them all. 

The Rubric Development Process 

A new rubric is usually developed in response to new standards in a subject area, TEA priorities, or local education needs. TRR is committed to transparency. Rubrics are posted on our website at various points during development and after they are approved.  

Rubric development process


Established TRR Rubrics

English Language Arts & Reading Grades K–2 June 2019
English Language Arts & Reading Grades 3–8 June 2019
English I - English IV Grades 9–12 June 2019
Prekindergarten Systems November 2019
Foundational Literacy K–2 November 2019
Mathematics K–8 November 2019
Spanish Language Arts and Reading K–2 (English/Español) July 2020
Spanish Language Arts and Reading 3–6 (English/Español) July 2020
Spanish Foundational Literacy (English/Español) July  2020
Spanish Prekindergarten Systems (English/Español) July 2020
English K-3 Phonics Rubric (updated draft) May 2022
Spanish K-3 Phonics Rubric (updated draft) May 2022
Science K–8 (Draft) July 2022
Science 9–12 (Draft) July 2022

If you wish to submit a public comment on a specific quality rubric, please use this form.

Recent Memos of Changes 

TEA documents all changes made based on stakeholder feedback during the rubric development process. 

Rubric Memo of Changes: ELAR K–12

Rubric Memo of Changes: ELAR Foundational Literacy (K–2), K–8 Mathematics, and Prekindergarten Systems

Rubric Memo of Changes: SLAR (K–6), Spanish Foundational Literacy (K–2), Spanish Prekindergarten Systems

Rubric Memo of Changes: English Phonics K-3 (updated draft)

Rubric Memo of Changes: Spanish Phonics K-3 (updated draft)

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