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Quality Review Teams

Quality Reviews are Conducted by Texas Educators for Texas Educators.

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TEA works with an independent contractor to recruit, select, and train diverse teams of Texas educators, including teachers and administrators, to serve as reviewers. Each member of the review team is rigorously vetted and trained to ensure that reviews are detailed, comprehensive, and representative of each product’s quality.

How the Reviewers are Selected and Trained

Review team applicants go through a rigorous selection process that includes performance tasks and interviews.

Graphic showing how many applicants were chosen to become reviewers in the TRR Pilot Cycle


Review teams are established to ensure a balanced representation of teachers, Texas regions, district type, and socioeconomic composition, as well as English Learner and Special Education expertise. TEA strives to ensure that multiple perspectives are considered in evaluating materials for quality.

Reviewers undergo training on the TEKS (or TPG), rubric components and indicators of quality, and evidence collection best practices.

Review teams are provided with product-specific resources (orientation videos, product checklists, and rubric alignment documents), at the publisher’s discretion, to support their understanding of program components and vision.

Throughout the process, reviewers are monitored to ensure that performance meets established expectations.

Our dedicated reviewers evaluate materials, collect evidence, and meet weekly to reach consensus and draft reviews. Reviewers thoroughly investigate instructional materials and hone in on indicators of quality that districts need to make purchasing decisions.


Hear What Our Reviewers Say About the Experience:

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