TEA is now accepting applications( opens in new window) from qualified K–5 English and Spanish reading language arts, K–3 English and Spanish phonics, and K–12 math content experts interested in reviewing materials for the Instructional Materials Review and Approval (IMRA) Cycle 24. Visit the HB 1605 webpage( opens in new window) for more information about IMRA. The TRR reports for K–8 and high school science are now available. to support local adoptions.

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About TRR

Created by and for Texas educators, TRR quality reviews help districts choose materials with confidence.

Texas Resource Review (TRR) provides detailed, comprehensive quality reviews of instructional materials, so school districts can easily compare options. Our goal is for all students in Texas to have access to rigorous, high-quality materials.

Local schools across Texas are eager to purchase the best materials, but the selection process is time consuming. Tens of thousands of teachers spend precious instructional days reviewing materials of wide-ranging quality. Free information is often disorganized or difficult to access. These challenges disproportionately impact smaller districts with fewer resources.

TRR was created to address these concerns. Free, evidence-based quality reviews featured on the TRR website are conducted by highly qualified teams of Texas educators. Quality is assessed with rubrics based on Texas standards for each subject area and grade level.

When teachers have access to a variety of high-quality instructional materials, they’re better equipped to individualize the learning experience and provide the right supports for every child.

TRR is ...

Student Focused

We believe strategic use of high-quality instructional materials is critical to improving outcomes for all students across Texas.

TEKS Aligned

Texas educators conduct quality reviews with rubrics based on Texas standards.

Independent and Objective

A reputable third-party vendor trains the reviewers, facilitates the teams, compiles the reviews, and posts them on the TRR website.


TRR reviews provide unique detail and insight, combining standards alignment with evidence-based quality assessment.


TRR seeks input and shares details during every phase of the quality review process.

Legislative Background

In 2017, Texas legislators recognized a need to assist school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in selecting instructional materials. The state passed legislation that added Texas Education Code Sections 31.081-084, which directed TEA to develop and maintain a website with general information about instructional materials, quality reviews, and open education resources.

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