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The Power of High-Quality Instructional Materials

What Does the Research Say? 

A growing body of research points to the positive impact that high-quality instructional materials have on student learning.

  • High-quality instructional materials allow students to ENGAGE more DEEPLY and MEANINGFULLY with the STANDARDS.
  • High-quality instructional materials lead to ADDITIONAL LEARNING FOR STUDENTS.
  • High-quality instructional materials have a LARGER, MORE COST-EFFECTIVE IMPACT on academic outcomes than many interventions.*

Read More About the Research on the Impact of High-Quality Instructional Materials.

High-Quality Curricula: A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Student Learning

This report provides a review of two studies in which the effects on student learning as a result of using various mathematics instructional materials were compared. The results of both studies show that

“some curricula produce better learning outcomes than others. Furthermore, switching to a more effective curriculum seems to be a cost-effective way to improve student outcomes.”

Educators have one of the most important missions in the world. Our job is to make their jobs easier. We believe that with high-quality instructional materials on hand, Texas teachers become more effective educators and Texas students receive a more effective education.
* Young, Alanna Bjorklund. “High-Quality Curricula: A Cost-Effective Way to Increase Student Learning.” Accessed January 20, 2020.
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