The List of Compliant Phonics Programs is now available. Additional reports for materials that are not compliant with phonics rule and law will be posted on a rolling basis.
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Formerly Pearson Education

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Math | 2020

Savvas Essentials: Foundational Reading

ELAR: Phonics | 2023

Savvas Learning myView Literacy Texas

ELAR: Phonics | 2020

Savvas Learning Texas Experience

Science | 2025

Texas miVision Lectura

SLAR | 2020

Texas miVision Lectura

SLAR | 2020

Texas myView Literacy

ELAR | 2021

Three Cheers for Pre-K

Pre-K | 2022

100% TEKS (Student)

Uno, dos, tres Prekinder!

Spanish Pre-K | 2021

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