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Commissioner’s List of Recommended Phonics Programs

Coming January 2023

House Bill (HB) 3, issued by the 86th Texas Legislature in 2019, directs all Texas school districts to provide phonics curriculum that uses systematic, direct instruction in kindergarten through third grade to ensure all students obtain necessary early-literacy skills.  

To support districts in meeting this requirement, TEA is developing a Texas Commissioner’s List of Recommended Phonics Programs in English and Spanish that will be released in January 2023.  Phonics programs most used in the Texas market will undergo a rigorous review process to ensure alignment with 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §74.2001. Only products that meet a minimum set of quality criteria will be included on the Commissioner’s List. This review process will ensure all recommended products use systematic, direct instruction in alignment with statute and help school districts access information to easily compare product options.  

TEA selected products to be considered for the Commissioner’s List based a product’s Texas market share, district review requests, and publisher applications. A full list of products under review is available to the public. 


Pathway to Commissioner’s List of Recommended Phonics Programs

Currently, phonics products are being reviewed by independent, third-party reviewers a part of the Texas Resource Review (TRR). The following provides additional information about the phonics review process:

  1. The commissioner-adopted administrative rule  based on bill requirements provides a set of baseline criteria for what a phonics program must include. 
  2. Subject-matter experts, with input from the public, developed English and Spanish phonics quality rubrics to establish specific requirements and expectations of a phonics program in alignment with the science of teaching reading and Texas Reading Academies content.
  3. The TRR quality review process is completed by an independent, third-party organization. All quality reviewers are Texas educators representing teachers and administrators across Texas.
  4. TEA publishes the commissioner’s list to support Texas districts in phonics curriculum decisions. 


Coming Soon

More information on the use of the commissioner’s recommended phonics list and adoption support is coming soon. 


Phonics Programs Under Review

The review process is already underway for some phonics programs. A selection of materials, including those that have been adopted by the State Board of Education or which have been submitted for review by Texas schools, are currently being vetted by independent, third-party review teams for inclusion in the Commissioner's List. 

View Phonics Programs Currently Under Review
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